Ultimate Wow-Factor DIY Glam Wedding Centerpiece



Go big or go home! This is the typical thing you will hear those who are from Texas say, myself included! Well, although you may not be from Texas, if you are planning a Glam Wedding, you are definitely aiming towards the perfect combination of dramatic decor, romantic details and ultimate wow factor features. With this style of wedding, you are not only choosing to “Go big” but you are also leaving a lasting impact on your guests for years to come. If you think Glam Wedding Style fits your personality, you don’t want to miss this week’s fabulous DIY glam wedding centerpiece!


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Video Tutorial

If you prefer written instructions, please continue reading.

How to Make Glam Wedding Centerpieces


To make a heightened glam vase, first take your margarita glass and flip it upside down. Then apply E6000 to your margarita glass. Next, attach your 9 inch hurricane vase to your margarita glass. Lastly, add 2 bags of crystal dazzlers to your vase.

Attach Your Foam Ball and Add Your Crystal Garland Strands


The next step is to attach your 8 inch foam ball to the rim of your vase using hot glue. Now attach crystal garlands to your foam ball using floral pins. One of your crystal garland strands will be 16-18 inches long, two of them at 12 inches long and two at 6 inches long.

Decorate Your Foam Ball with Flowers


You will attach your flowers to your foam ball in the following order: Attach 8-12 cream hydrangea heads and 6-8 Pink hydrangea heads.

Now attach your wisteria stem bushels. When attaching your 3 cream and 3 pink wisteria stem bushels, be sure you drape the stems to bring in that glam effect.

Lastly, add your 12-16 cream roses and fill in the remaining empty spaces with pink roses.


Set the table!

I absolutely love how this beautiful glam wedding centerpiece turned out. Thank you again Mandy for allowing us to be apart of your special day!

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