Easy to Make Vibrant Festive Fiesta DIY Wedding Centerpiece



Festive Fiesta! Let’s dive into this week’s DIY wedding centerpiece project. This vibrant beauty is colorful, easy to make and an eye-catching piece to say the least. With beautiful colors blue, red and more, you will definitely have that fiesta style you are looking for. So let’s get started!


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Video Tutorial

If you prefer written instructions, please continue reading.

How To Make a Fiesta Style Wedding Centerpiece


STEP 1: First, spray paint your 8.5 inch textured vase with your blue krylon spraypaint and then allow it to dry.

STEP 2: Next you will also attach your 3 inch foam ball to your vase rim using hot glue.

STEP 3: Attach 4-6 forsythia branches, 2 coral roses, and 6-8 gernaium heads. Also add 2 alstroemeria blooms, 2-4 gerbera daises, 2-4 aster blooms and 1 orchid. Lastly, attach 4-6 peonies. Fill in the remaining space with geranium heads and coral roses.

STEP 4: In addition to your fiesta vase centerpiece, add river rocks and a few of your remaining flowers to your glass colored votive candle holder as great accent table decor.


STEP 5: Set the table!

I absolutely love how this festive fiesta DIY wedding centerpiece turned out! The outcome is amazing and will definitely add that extra special touch to any event!

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